UK Lamb Offals

We have our Frozen Lamb Offals, imported exclusively to us from the country of Origin UK, Company – Randall Parkers. Are you interested in delicious Lamb Offals? At HOOK General Trading LLC, we are also specialized in the trade of high quality, frozen lamb meat products such as Offals, (Organs inside an animal, such as the brain, the heart, and the liver, eaten as food).

As a top trader for meat across the United Arab Emirates, we take care of the customer-centricity all over Emirates. Our food service – transport, approved by Dubai Municipality. How we packed – packaging sizes made for wholesale and retail purposes in order to meet buyer’s

requirements. Many of our lamb meat cuts, beef cuts and poultry has been undergoing and are available with strictly controlled Halal Certification from our international supplier, Randall Parker.

We are able to supply Halal products for all our customers, all of our products will be supplied with full documentation as required.

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