Why Brazilian Beef’s are good?

The “Nelore Factor – It’s because Brazilian producers are for the most part stuck with the Nelore cattle breed. In fact, more than 85% of Brazil’s cattle are based on Nelore genetics.

Granted, Nelore cattle as a breed, are hardy, thrifty, able and can withstand the abuse a tropical environment can dish out. For what’s asked of them, Nelore cows are as good as any in the world.

Brazil is crossbreeding, and with success, especially in the more moderate southern climates. Most breeds familiar to Americans are available to increase the productivity of the Nelore cow.

Brazil is also feeding some cattle, mostly aimed at mixing annual forage silage with soybean meal to rough cows and heifers through the dry season to boost reproductive efficiency. Some producers are trying to mimic U.S.-style “fattening” systems and getting by. Still, less than 2% of Brazilian slaughter falls into the “fed” category.

Brazilians are more concerned with the overall appearance, apparent freshness, color, and shorter times to prepare the meat; beef with guaranteed tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.

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